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I am supporting a project based in Littlemore Parish Church (Oxford) which I believe will have a huge impact on the whole community,

Littlemore is in the Lowest 10% of national statistics for Child poverty and is ranked 11,415th (out of 12,775 parishes) on the Index of Multiple Deprivation. We have high levels of poverty and unemployment, and low skills and educational achievement

24% of Children in Littlemore are living in poverty

36% of households with children are headed by a lone parent.

20% of our children and living in ‘out of work households’

26% of working adults have no qualifications.

There are also singificant issues around mental health.

On 8th July I will undertake 12 hours of mediatation and prayer for the project but also for the wider issues of mental health in our society.

Any donation you make will be used to deliver facilities and services  which will directly benefit people (not be spent on administration etc.)